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  • 2019 CPL Championship Leg 1 -- Defensive Pressure


    In my last post I concluded that Cavalry had an abysmal offensive game, specifically in their passing. I wondered if that was in any way because of Forge's defensive pressure. Watching the match, my eyes didn't think that Forge applied a lot of up-field pressure. When Cavalry did have the ball near midfield, Forge closed them down very quickly and effectively.

  • 2019 CPL Championship Leg 1


    The first game of the inaugural CPL Championship tie gave a lot of the things that the league wanted and needed it to have. It was well attended (just under 11,000), it had drama (2 red cards, a penalty and a penalty saved), and it gave all of the pundits something to talk about while we wait the week until Leg 2. I think what wasn't expected was how imbalanced the game was on the field, even if it wasn't on the scoreboard.